We’re looking to add a Content and Community manager to our team! (Application Deadline: June 5th 2017)
In the next 9 months we are… 

-Starting to write articles and profiles of fascinating entrepreneurs in major publications.

-Launching and nurturing Facebook communities for different groups.

-Re-releasing what will be an incredible podcast (we already have some great stuff recorded)

-Launching a highly anticipated book on relationships along with an online course.

-Producing multiple workshops.

You would have your hand in all these projects and more! The ideal applicant:

Must… Love to write 
There will be a big focus on content creation. Blog posts, articles, email sequences, etc…

Must… Love to learn.

You will manage multiple projects (book launch, podcast, video library), so there will be lots of learning involved. Also, a big part of the role will revolve around distilling content into bite sized nuggets of wisdom. So you really need to have a thirst for learning.

Must… Love people.

This is really foundational for us. You need to genuinely care about people and their success. 

Must… Be organized.

Well… Because I am not. :)

Other Specifics:
-We are looking to hire full time or contract.
-This role is virtual, but if you’re based in Toronto that’s a bonus (as we’ll be working closely together)

Because this is such an important role for us, should you know anyone who is a fit, there is a $2500 CAD finders fee if you send the right applicant our way. If you know someone, please pass this along.

**Application Completion Time: 15-20 minutes**
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